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Issue 326
Request for new product -photo to face for Unity but also steam account integration in a VR lobby form.
Virtual reality is exploding in all different directions, I envision a "photo to face avatar creation game lobby unity asset" . Unity developers can optionally add a "VR connect" compatibility logo on their Unity game titles to inform customers that their game title can connect to other "VR connect" game titles the company has made or other companies bearing the same logo.

So imagine you're a VR gaming customer, you own and have installed "VR connect" game titles but you need to enter a Virtual lobby to see all your steam games (or other) displayed as portals that you could simply walk through. This will work best in the beginning with WebG or specifically content that is streamed designed in mind to be streamed if you're near and/or if parts of the world is visible to the game camera.

I believe this is the future and would be great if a developer could make the first steps -I would buy the Unity asset if it existed. -for the gaming customers.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi