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Issue 6928
Repeat: Recording facial movements using MotionLive2D resets the original facial position
Note: I posted it previously as Issue #6917. It was answered by Reallusion staff suggesting that t was not a bug. Their suggestion was to use Blend Date on Next Recording option. Yet I think they misunderstood or misread the question. It has nothing to do with blending on next recording. The face resets itself on the FIRST recording - I didn't even get to the second recording. Not even the recording: you put in preview mode and it jumps right back into default facial position. I just tested it again - and just for good measure used the Blend on next recording checkbox - and it made no difference whatsoever. I even used one of your vector Buddies characters - Angela F. Same story.

To replicate: add a 360 head character to the scene. Using Face Key Editor position their face at about 30 degree angle (it doesn't have to be exact - just off the center a bit). Go a few frames down the timeline and set up your Motion Live 2D. The moment you hit preview or record, you will notice that the face jumps right back to the default position - facing straight. So effectively I was unable to record facial movement starting with any face angle other than 0.

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Scenario: I have my G3-360 character set up so she is looking to her left at about 30 degree angle (see screenshot 1), and I want her to stay that way through the entire conversation. The moment I start recording using ML2D however (or even preview), her 360 head immediately jumps to the default position (see screenshot 2), which is not what I want. Setting initial position in ML2D doesn't seem to make any difference. As a result, I have to manually adjust keyframes in the recording afterwards to get what I want.

My expectation would be for the app to record using the 360 head''s position at the moment as the initial position when the recording starts. I.e. if the head is turned left, then the application should be smart enough to use it as the default.
OS: Mac OS 10.15
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