CrazyTalk 8
Issue 5453
Record dont work!
I buyed I clone some Days ago, of course i had to buy Crazy Talk. I payed almost 300 Dollars and it dont work.

I can easylie record sounds in I Clone, but in Crazytalk 8 Pipeline if i want to create an Script it makes that Error Sound, like i have to click something, but nothing appears. If i record out from the Menubar in Animation, it records and the sound is recorded, but when i want to play it it Freeze until I press Escape 100 Times.

By the Way, Even if i Make "Text to Speak its the Same Issue. I can writ and in Preview hear the Sound. But if i press Ok it Stuck again and i can click nothing only this Sound ( The Sound @ 0:13 Düddldööö
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by3Aliens
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Can somebody just tell me if im right here with my Problem please. Im sorry for my English im German!
so Peope still work on Problems?
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