iClone 6
Issue 429
Realtime Pokethrough Solution: Morph Tool + Create Custom Morph
POKETHROUGHS happen frequently when fitting, but esp DURING ANIMATION.

Typical clothed characters - Non-Standard/ Standard, hide inner mesh or not, will have
OVERLAPPED MESH AREA between clothing-skin or clothing-clothing LAYERS.
Overlapped layers frequently intersect from REALTIME deformation
- in tight-fit areas: shoulders, chest, back, upper arm, neck, abdomen...
- in loose physics-enabled areas: buttock thighs calves in tunics, trench coats, skirts...
- between its own necessary-2-sided mesh areas such as big lapels and folded sleeves

With CC and increasing interest in multi-layer clothing characters...
With arrival of increasingly pro-grade animators who import misc complex custom rigs...
REALTIME pokethroughs is a certainty, soon to escalate exponentially in iClone space.

Managing pokethroughs is fumbly enough - on a ONE frame ONE-pose doll's tiny bikini top...
Current iClone fix (for all pre-conformed clothing characters)
= Opacity map painting in EXTERNAL 2D app - multiple back & forth!
At best, tedious; at worst counter-intuitive.
Most iCloners aren't UV maestros - no clue where exactly to paint on a flat grey scale texture!
Even skilled users capable of guestimate-eyeballing find it a time-killer!

The far bigger issue:
Fixing MULTI pokethroughs on a MULTI-layer character through 10000+ frame animation...
Current iClone fix: EYEBALL IT (Them All)
1. Playback; diligently dart eyeballs left right everywhere on character multi-layer parts
2. if pokethrough spotted, camera adjust, HIDE THEM from camera view, frame by frame.
3. Or redo, re-record character motion. Then resume EYEBALL-IT from step 1.
Amazingly efficient solution for a giant time-devouring character animator headache?
Existing workarounds:
Tip1: action scenes: always allocate an hour or so per multi-layer character!
Tip2: camera avoid pokethrough-prone clothing zones! (top to bottom basically)
Tip3: avoid action scenes if main characters are clothed!
Feasible (and ultra-modern) ???

Time for iClone to have a more direct, user-friendly, iteractive, INTUITIVE realtime pokethrough fix.

Call it iMove brush, Displacer, iDeformer, something iClone-ish and fun.
*ref pic: Poser's famous and fabulous Morph Tool
(iClone already improved upon Poser's Walk/Talk Designer, next Morph Tool?)

Basic displacement options: size, fall-off radius, intensity.
Basic shapes: round, square. Basic modes: Normals/ Screen Space.
On characters: morph Mirroring by Axis + by Material Group.
On clothing: Ignore Backface tick box for 2-sided clothing parts (lapels etc)
Visual feedback: two tones gradient - color-select (like Bone color) shall suffice.

To set various pokethroughs per scene object parts throughout Timeline:
Morph result save as CREATE CUSTOM MORPH per iAvatar, iAccessories, iProp
+ Custom Morph Sliders (placed in Motion tab > NEW Animation Settings)
+ Custom Morph Motion can be keyed (to appropriate body/face/Animation key tracks)
+ Custom Morph Motion can be saved/collected as Clips and Add to Perform

*Clutter prevention:
Beyond a certain number of (say 3) Custom Morph sliders, Motion>Animation Settings could be made a Sub-Tab (like Reach Target)

This Morph Tool is just a crude vertex displacement tool, not exactly modeling/sculpt tool
But it can still meet a few frequently-requested secondary animation needs in iClone: deform simple objects (cushion dent, impacted soft metal door etc) animate cartoony pulsating biceps or punched cheek etc melt simple form like cheese, candle into a soft puddle, etc.

A simple morph tool will not only help reduce iClone dependency on external apps and saves precious time, it will make novice or pro iCloner's animation life a lot easier, not to mention so much more fun, creative and productive.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byBellatrix
Another great suggestion, it seems the armpit seams are a constant issue. With the addition of morph sliders in CC a fix for poke through should be a requirement.
I support this suggestion as it would allow a kind of control that is difficult to achieve with the current global conform feature, which doesn't always work. 

To give an example, I had a problem with the collar of a shirt interfering with a jacket. The only way in which I could fix it was by doing some reshaping in an external modelling program and then do a Replace Mesh. Then I had to check the result and repeat the procedure a couple of times. 

The solution suggested by RL, painting a transparency map, is also not very practical, as it requires a lot of trial and error. I've found for instance that the mapping around the armpits is not straightforward and regions are not always continuous.