Cartoon Animator 4
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Issue 6027
Random Points added on the timeline with the Face Key Editor open.
This problem also happened with CTA3. I was hoping it would get sorted with CA4

I have a G2 character with a Morph head with a full script of vocals (works perfectly)

When i go through adding expressions with the Face Key Editor open,
random points are being added to the timeline without touching any controls when i scroll through the timeline.

It does not happen straight away and is completely random but happens every time on long sections.

The points are not changing anything but it makes the time line extremely complicated with the amount of points.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bySave the spaceman
Save the spaceman
Hello Allen
Sorry for the delay. 
Here is a vid of the problem. The Face key editor is open.

The scene is 5000 frames. 1 character, Morph head , wav file audio.

As i scroll through timeline using fwd key or using the mouse to move the timeline,
Random keyframes are added to the timeline.
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Hi Save the spaceman,

I hope you will be able to provide the information.

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Please provide your ".ctProject" file to help us identify the problem.

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