Cartoon Animator 4
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Issue 6005
Program crash as soon as I try to animate a character
I have created a character according to the tutorial Character Creation with the G3 Spine Template. Tested it in composer and it works. Going back to Back Stage the animation templates worked. I wanted to make an adjustment to the bone position of the character and went to Composer but the computer crashed. Tried again but now anything I want to do with actor makes computer crash.

I started from the top and created the actor again. Again it tested fine on preview. Going to back stage the character worked fine with motion animation templates. I then saved the project and quite Animator and shut down the computer. Later during the day I reopened the project but now, no mater what I do with the character, the computer crashes.

I run a MacBook Pro Mid 2015 Retina 15inch
Mac OS version 10.13.6
OS: Mac OS 10.13
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Submitted byZadio
Hi, could you provide a crash report to us for further investigating?
I am experiencing the same issue on my Mac. It will also crash if I am morphing the face or editing the bone placement. It sometimes help if I restart the computer but it will eventually crash while working on a project,