Cartoon Animator 4
Released in 4.01
Issue 6048
Program Crashes when creating Custom 360 Head
When creating the various angles of a 360 degree head, changes made to one angle affects other angles (Including the middle angle) when it shouldn't right? (I was not using any mirror effects) Also the program crashes a lot, either during set up or when attempting to save the character.

Here's some information that might help you diagnose the problem:
- I started out by loading the 360 cat template in CTA.
- I replaced the sprites for the body using the sprite editor in CTA
- I loaded the cat into Photoshop to edit the head (Because I cannot create a custom moving Iris in CTA as it does not have an option to add the Eye white, Iris and Eye Mask separately) Please let me know if I am wrong.
- The problems started after loading the cat back into CTA4 from Photoshop (when transforming the sprites for various angles and when saving the changes)
- One drive link to my character!Aq84Oeg-EwY4vGdNIJVVbp3L9uJy

Quite frustrating especially when you have tweaked everything to perfection and then it crashes and does not save any changes.
OS: Mac OS 10.14
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Submitted bykumakittycat
Also, I just realised that 2 legs of the cat have suddenly been turned green, copying the color of the eyes. If you check the sprite editor you will see that the actual parts are supposed to be grey.