CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 3452
Please add a way to see in Composer which object from Content Manager was used for a particular part of the body
Please add a mechanism or an indicator into Composer mode that provides information on which object was used from Content Manager for particular part of the character.

This could be, for example:
1. an indicator (e.g. a small red mark or the text "in use") displayed on the icon of the used component inside Content Manager, or
2. using the Content Manager names of the used components inside Scene Manager or Layer Manager (rather than the current naming convention which creates names such as "Back Hair 01"), or
3. a mechanism that, when selecting an the object (such as the hair) of a character, allows locating that item in the Content Manager
4. a separate list of the components that are used on current character from Content Manager
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted by1 Million Monkeys + Keyboard