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Issue 417
Photographed head of character that is dark skin has fair skin below chin neck area after fitting it on dark body.
Steps I took to accomplish this look:

1. Male Photos taken from Samsung S4 phone using the HDR setting.

2. Downloaded the male photos taken to Mac Hard drive.

3. Opened the male images in photoshop and selected the best front, left side and right side profile.

4. Edited the male images by cleaning and minor retouching, adjusted the levels, reduce camera shake and smart sharpen the images.

5. After the male images are cleaned, the front and left side profile of the face were imported in the head fitting module of the program. Care was take to make sure all was mirrored as accurately as possible, even using the edge of the screen as a guide to place the red dots in a straight line to their respective face feature positions. (perhaps a ruler and guide or grid can help to fit dots as an aid to help line up the dots)

6. Realized also that the chosen photo of the head front was not all that straight towards the camera picture taken. So I opened it back in photoshop and mirrored the better half of the face by selection and feathered the edges to gently merge the copy to the other side of the face to get a better symmetrical head shape to fit over the CT8 head fitting module.

7. When all was done in this head fitting module, I discovered that I can enhance the texture map of the head's hair and eyes as per your tutorial on youtube. So I exported the head texture (good feature of the program) and opened the head texture to enhance the stretched hair and face areas.

8. After resolving this problem, I wanted to change the body of the character. The skin was not complementing the head dark skin colour. I tried using the hue, saturation and brightness on editing the texture colour of the body on the program, but it did not work to my satisfaction. Therefore I did the following:

a. I dressed the character with clothes that usually comes with the body that dose not match
b. Saved the current file.
c. Started a new file by dragging on of the 3D Actor templates and imported one of the "Realistic Human 100" heads. I used M_Y_003.RLHead and when the dialog box came up, I choose to import both head and body.
d. I then selected the texture settings and selected the body skin highlighted in red on the dialog box and exported the body texture.
e. I opened the file in photoshop and added more colour to match the dark skin tone of my saved head character file.
f. I then opened back my clothed character with the dark head, selected texture settings and opened the new dark skin texture that I saved from photoshop.


9. Now when all is done, the character looks much better except for the neck below the chin area. For the life of me, I cannot seem to correct the problem. I checked the head texture in photoshop and no where am I seeing the fair skin texture at all. I also checked the edited body and there was no light skin either.

Can you tell me what went wrong? Is there a bug in the face fitting to the head neck area?

Appreciate your response on this matter.

See attached snapshot of the images.

1. Full character with body clothes and dark skin. Note the neck light skin.
2. Texture of skin head.
3. Texture of edited dark skin texture body

OS: Mac OS X 10.11
  • Note the neck light skin..png
  • Retouched Jamaal Head Skin,Neck & Hair Texture.jpg
  • Jamaal Body Skin Smooth Texture.jpg
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Submitted bydongraphifx
that was in 2016 the problem is still there.
Ok I FIX THE problem by Blending the Texture
if you want the Fix texture please E mail me at
my Name is George
when you look at the Texture at some areas the skin texture is Lighter specially around the neck
try to blend the texture
Feedback Tracker Admin
To temporarily solve this problem, you may need to select skin color, the following steps could help you to get better result:
1. Create a 3D head, and go to 3D Head Fitting panel.
2. After complete Front and Side fitting, choose “Texture Blending” on Toolbar.
3. Navigate to Select Skin Color, click “Color” box, “Select Color” panel will be launched.
4. Select a color that is close in tone to the skin of 3D head (It will also be applied to actor’s body skin color).
5. Now you can click “Apply” on Toolbar, and go to 3D stage.
6. Check the actor you created.
Please note that you may need to go to 3D Head Fitting panel and 3D Stage several times to adjust the color.

It’s just a work around to help you get good result. We will definitely fix this issue in the coming versions soon.