iClone 7
Issue 7037
Perform Actions
The perform actions do not work properly in Iclone 7.2. They worked in previous versions but none of the props I made with perform animations work now in 7. They still work in 6. Also with that latest update 7 runs crappy on my computer. It was smooth as ice previously but now animations are too hard to work with, the program does not operate smoothly while trying to move body parts in animations. This is just not acceptable.

I do not want to have to spend $300 to get a new video card to work with the program when it worked fine before. If there was a way to go back to a previous version I would. I don't need all these new bells and whistles dealing with high resolution imagery. I just want to be able to animate and create scenes.

I liked some of the new enhancements on animation in 7 and that's one of the reasons I bought it, but now it's worthless to me. It takes hours to do an animation with all the slow down and lag time while moving parts around. I will be going back to 6 and scraping 7. The only problem is I bought a lot of new packs that can only be used in 7 and that sux.
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted bytoppro77