CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 3662
Omissions & Bugs
I've found some problems with some character packs that I bought recently.

Also, found some software bugs recently as follows -

G3 Animation
Step to the right and step to the left motions in Elastic Folks_Front – Move. When another animation is applied right after these motions, the character slides back to the starting position before beginning the new motion.

Bone Editor
Connect function as demonstrated in the CTA video “Create a Free Bone Character “ not working in the Bone Editor.

Head Creation
Convert to G2+ Facial System greyed out as an option in the Edit menu. Not working as demonstrated in the CTA video “G3 Head Creation for any Character” – around 6.40 into the video.

Character Pack
Layers missing in Photoshop for the following characters when launched to Photoshop from Composer Mode.

Casual People Vol 1

No glasses

Checked shirt man – no beard.
Suit man – no glasses or goatee.

Casual People Vol 2

No back hair except for blue jersey lady - but she doesn’t have her glasses in PS

Purple jersey man - no moustache.
Green tie man – no shades or goatee.

Business People

Mid blue suit lady – no front hair or glasses
White blouse lady – no back hair
Dark suit lady – no back hair

Red tie man – no glasses
Grey suit man – no goatee

Halloween Pack
Problem with Skeleton right foot – becomes detached and reversed when some animations applied.
OS: Windows 10
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Thanks for your response but, for me, most of issues are still unresolved.

G3 Animation

I know I can fix the issue as you suggest but that was not the point I was making. The point, I believe, is that this basic animation should function as intended and Reallusion should fix it. 

Bone Editor

Okay, I’ll wait for the update. 
Perhaps you should add an alert notice to your training video that shows the Connection process (Creating a Simple Free Bone Character) until the issue is resolved. More so as this video is part of your premium Fundamental course.
Do you have a time scale for the update? Another fault I raised back in June this year has still not been attended to although support mentioned that it was to be included in the next patch.

Head Creation

You say that this issue was fixed in v3.21. When was that released?
I’m running Pipeline v.3.2.2029. The Convert option is not working in this version.

Character Packs

I didn’t claim this issue was a bug but it is an omission in my view.
I am aware that accessories are not carried into PS from CTA3 but that is not the point here.
These G3 characters come with fitted components like glasses and beards that are an integral part of the Casual People character images. They are not supplied separately like the suitcase, whiteboard and other items which I downloaded as props that were sent to the appropriate CTA3 folder.
(As an aside, the glasses and beards don’t perform like standard CTA accessories. To replace them in Composer Mode they have first to be deleted – simply double-clicking on a replacement from the Content Manager merely lays the new item on top of the original)
Given all that I expect there to be layer files in PS for glasses and beards to give me the option of shaping or colouring them.
And definitely there should be layer files for front and back hairs. Are you actually saying that these features should be considered accessories while the hair pieces that have layer files are not?
For the missing hair on the characters I listed, there are folders in PS for them but they are empty. I believe that this is an omission by the developer, don’t you?
I am a regular user of Photoshop and it was the fact that PS is integrated with the Pipeline version of CTA3 that convinced me to upgrade from Pro.
Pipeline gives me the opportunity to develop my own custom characters as well as amend purchased characters by using PS like a “Render Style” tool because the tool for G3 characters in CTA3 is very limited in effect.
So, when I buy a G3 character, I fully expect to find all the relevant layers in PS when the actor is transposed from Composer Mode.

Halloween Pack

You didn’t refer to this issue in your reply. I can fix this myself but like the animation topic I think Reallusion should be supplying the Skeleton character with a fully functioning bone structure – no pun intended here – that can take simple animations like walking motions.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

G3 Animation -> Please add transform key with 2D Motion Key Editor.

Bone Editor -> This is program defect, this issue will try to fix on future version.

Head Creation -> This issue has fixed in v3.21.

Character Pack -> This issue is not a bug, Currently version launch to photoshop does not apply accessory.