CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 3759
No, I'm sorry but...
... I will delete this. I didn't find any Quick Start tutorial and only a very confusing user manual. Well, I found out how to open the timeline view, at least, and I'd say that it was not very intuitive. And it looks like some Windows-port. No Save as... or Open where I am used to find it, but tucked away behind some icons which didn't show what it is about. Well, so I was in the timeline and OK, let us open one of the ready made figures. Easy enough. But what happened to the timeline? Nowhere to be seen. OK, but let's move these bones. Easy enough that and... hey, it snaps back to its default position!? What's up with that? So I click around. Hm Preview. Ah, looks like the movement sticks then. But I should like to add a keyframe and have the movement tweened between those but I cannot see the timeline and no button or menu item is labeled anything like "timeline". Clicking around and hey! now we are back in the timeline - but oh, I shut down the app, so it quit. OK, let us open it again. So I find the icon to open the timeline and I click on the fifth frame and back to the figure - but where is the timeline now?

And so on.

So this is just Toon Boom Studio anew.

I know how this will continue and I simply do not have the patience for it.

If you have a tool it should assist you in creating stuff, but if you need a lifetime to learn how to use the tool and perhaps then you need to work on the tool in order to have things done, instead of work with the tool, doing stuff, then it is not for me.

If some of the people behind this app reads this, then I advice you to take note of some of my input and create the app I want to see. You would release a tsunami of creativity that way and I am sure you would rake in money. You would have no competion at all.

As it is, there are only apps for kids and then you wonder where is the lip sync, for instance. Sorry, but it doesn't have that. Not that, no recording options, nothing advanced at all. Just kids stuff.

Well, I will keep on looking.
OS: Mac OS 10.12
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