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Neutral and T-Pose problems
Currently I'm working at Custom morphs and need native CC3 Neutral character and T-Pose for correct result.

Neutral Character.
CC3 Neutral Character Base was not included as part of default content so I made it (remove all morphs) from Female in default project and from CC3 Base Male avatar and made comparison using "Adjust Bones" tool (see attached pictures).
In fact I got two different models -- they have different bone's positions and even different mesh shape (Neutral from Male has opened lips).
By my opinion this is a bug because after removing all morphs from any CC3 based character we must have exactly the same Neutral Character base.
Also Would like to say that in CC3.02 "Neutral from Female" model has even more asymmetry in bone positions that in CC3.01 -- in CC3.01 it had notable asymmetry in Foot bone positions, but in CC3.02 it has asymmetry in Foot and Calf bone positions.
In "...\Character Creator 3\Program\Assets\Share\Neutral\" folder I found file "RL_CharacterCreator_Base_Std_G3.ccAvatar" and it has no problem with symmetry of bones.
Whether this model is last version of CC3 Neutral character base or not and is it correct to use it as source for custom morphs creating? Looking forward for Your answer.

I found out that CC3.02 used several variations of T-Pose:
- T-Pose_A - in default project and "...\Character Creator 3 Template\Motion\_T Pose.rlMotion";
- T-Pose_B - in "Edit Pose" tool if to press "Default";
- T-Pose_C - if to activate "Adjust Bones" tool.
This is clear visible -- character changed its position (Hip position) in scene.
Also we have "T-Pose_D" which used when model exported in FBX.
By my opinion this is incorrect -- CC3 must use only one default T-Pose and first of all this affect on creating custom morphs.

Also I'd like to request You to include ccProject with native CC3 Neutral Base character in native T-Pose in default content which installed in CC3 installation process. I ask to prepare ccProject not ccAvatar because when Avatar loaded in project it use the pose of previous character.
This addition will be very useful for content developers and customers which will use custom morphs.

Best regards,
OS: Windows 10
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