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Need better license management
I'm doing some mocap work and have found that I can't use the room where my main PC is located because of magnetic interference. I'm therefore using a laptop so I can record in a better location.

I went to install iClone on the laptop but the My Accounts page mentions the following:
"You can uninstall program from unused computers to retrieve license seat space. Or use deactivate button to do so.
Note: One license seat can only be deactivated 5 times. This should be only used when you are not able to uninstall the program."
and also
"You have 10 times left for the deactivation"
I'm confused... can anyone tell me how best to handle this situation?

Am I supposed to uninstall on the PC first, and then install on the laptop. Then when I'm done with the mocap session and want to work on my main PC, I uninstall on the laptop and reinstall on the PC?
- does this process count as a 'deactivation'? i.e. I'll only be able to do this 10 times? Or is that 5 times?
- will uninstalling keep my custom content intact?

Is there really no way to just deactivate on one machine to make the switch back and forth easier? Uninstalling and reinstalling the software and all of the MotionLive plug-ins is a complete waste of my time. The mocap software from Rokoko does a simple activation on whatever machine you're working on (deactivating the other installation in the background), why not iClone, and for that matter CC3?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjerome.dipietro
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Dear Jerome,

At first, I thought this is a request about floating license. Glad to hear that current licensing policy is meet your need. I will close it then. Thanks!

Just to say that I've since been contacted by the reallusion sales team and they've clarified that it is ok to have two installs (one on main PC, one on a 'battery powered' device, i.e. laptop), as long as you don't use them at the same time.

So this should probably be closed or deleted as an erroneous request.