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Issue 6999
Motion live 2d face plugin and profile installation problems
Hi, I cannot get motion live 2d plugin for cartoon animator and FACE3D_Profile_for_Motion_LIVE_2D_Plugin to install successfully.

I have my software and everything else relating to it on B: Drive rather than C: Drive. I am trying to install with CT4 closed as per instructions. Windows is updated to the latest version.

This seems to be the same issue that Tarampa Studios was facing in January.

Using Reallusion Hub, it fails with message:
"installation failed. motion live 2d plug-in for cartoon animator install failed or cancelled!

and then if I install face3d profile it tries to install profile first then get:
Failed to install motion live 2d plug-in for cartoon animator .
The related application: Face3D Profile for Motion LIVE 2S Plug-in will also stop the installation."

manually it fails with the message:

"motion live 2d plugin looks like it's installing after entering serial but there's no success message, the installation screen just vanishes after it says"

"setting up product information"

Then if I try to install FACE3D Profile I get

"setup program did not find the motion live 2d plug-in for cartoon animator."

It's frustrating enough that this software was removed after CTA3 and it's an expensive purchase that is no longer automatically inluded and installed within CTA4 so I would have expected this to be a smooth installation.

Please can you recommend how I can get this to install properly?

Darren Evans
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydarrenaevans_265552
I have the same issue even after reinstalled everything.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi darrenaevans,

Sorry to hear you are having problems installing Motion Live 2D.
This issue may be caused by incorrect registry data. It usually can be solved by uninstalling CrazyTalk Animator 4 and re-installing it again, and then you should be able to install Motion Live 2D successfully.
I have also helped you submit this issue to our online support system. The support team will contact you via email within 48 hours, they will help you solve this issue if the re-installation didn't work out.
Hope this issue can be solved soon.

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