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Motion blur (the real stuff)
Now that RL is enhancing iClone Animation engine (as confirmed in feedback tracker & very exciting too!), I would like to request that they consider a true motion blur feature or plugin whose effect would be at PERCEIVED as being local level (individual or key items - not global blur) and its degree of perceptability would be influenced by the speed of moving objects/characters or camera movement.

Frame rate and simulated cam exposure / shutter speed settings can be additional parameters that influence this effect as well.

It's a given that if RL improves animation & render, users *will* try to get some serious storytelling / fx work done and the first thing they will quickly notice is the lack of true motion blur.

Guaranteed RL will have to work on this at some point... Why not now?

Thanks RL team for the good work so far!
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Submitted bypmaina
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Yes, motion blur (calculated just for the final output render) would be essential to consider iClone for anything else than just being a nice previz tool. 
The thing is that truly good-looking motion blur is impossible to apply without knowing the movement of an object and limits of that object. That means it has to be applied by iClone itself, because after the movie is rendered, all that data is lost. The post-production tools simply can't do that job without guessing, and the guessing is mediocre at best.

The good side is that iClone users don't need to see the effect at all. It is only necessary when rendered. So the best place to add that option would be in camera settings or rendering settings.

With all the data iClone has at the time of rendering it is a relatively trivial thing to apply the effect. The algorithm needs only to add to every new frame the blurred parts of previously rendered frames. I'm not sure if this algorithm would produce a perfect outcome, but it should still be much, much better than algorithms of video editors.

The thing is that motion blur makes a huge visual difference at I'm genuinely surprised that Reallusion can afford NOT having that feature in 2017. Much simpler, older and cheaper Muvizu has had it for years, for heaven's sake. The "post-production" options in rendering at the weakest spot in otherwise fantastic software. iClone is nearly perfect tools for all kinds of storytelling, but this lack of quality makes it really discouraging.

Please, help!
Hi everybody, I agree that motion blur effects makes the difference, but I'm not really concerned about motion blur on iClone as I always add this effect when editing the iClone renders on Sony Vegas. Motion Blur is a quite time consuming effect, so I preffer to work on iClone as fast as possible with the current render engine and then add the effect later. PD: I usually render in PNG sequences to keep the maximum quality. I import the sequence on Sony Vegas or Hitfilm where I can add several effects like motion blur, volumetric lights, glows, etc...
Key-able motion blur is an essential for character-centered, action cinematics.
You are right justaviking. It's a camera enhancement. Thanks for voting & for adding clarity to the request!
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