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Maximal exporting 5 min video
dear sir,
crazytalk abuse a huge amount of memory and spaces on hard disk. you see it needs over 100 Gb !!! on hard disk to export 10 min video which huge. I do not understand why, is this normal or defect in program. I attached picture of my hard disk and ram memory for only 9 min project. The virtual memory reached 70 GB which is the only space available on my hard disk. I think this need fixation. Thank you
OS: Mac OS X 10.11
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Submitted bysherifyousif
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Sherif,

Thank you for the information.
The issue you mentioned couldn't be able to reproduce in our test environment completely, but we've also found several related issues and submitted to our Bug Tracking System. 

It just might take a little longer than you think, because there are three differences between the results in your environment and ours. 
1. It happened immediately in your MacBook, but the memory occupied gradually in our environment.  
2. Comparing with the result in your environment, it could't be reproduced every time in our environment.
3. Not every Mac in our site could reproduce the issue.

Therefore, the status of this issue has been marked as “Assigned” in Feedback Tracker, please stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

The other thing which i do not understand, why you close ticket 93483 inspite you did not solve the problem
By the way i was using ticket 93483 for more than 3 months and no progress in solving the problem. All the data availabe in this ticket. Last time you said that you could produce the problem and you will solve it, but nothing happen. You can review the ticket number i have sent it to you. 
This is you answe 
	6/2/2016 8:37:53 AM	 
Dear Sherif,

We can reproduce this issue on a similar Mac currently. But our development team needs a period of time to check it and find the solution.

In the meantime, we suggest you may separate your animation as different chapters for reducing the project length and export them as different video clips. Then, you can use a video editing tool to merge them.

Thank you.

Best Regards
	5/17/2016 4:58:24 AM	 
Dear Sherif,

We're sorry that this issue could be caused that CrazyTalk8 records physics animation at the same time as exporting a project. Our development team will fix it in the future version.

At this moment, please refer to the below link to switch off physics effect and then export your project to see if the problem still exists:|_____6

This can reduce the memory usage of exporting.

This is your answer
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