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Major Issue with Downloading content on MacOS
It takes FOREVER to download purchased content using the Reallusion Content Downloader on a my Mac! (I have OS10.14 which is not listed in the OS dropdown menu)

Does any one else have trouble downloading content? My internet speed is not great as I'm in a rural area and have satellite access only but I don't have a problem with other internet downloads.

I have the latest Reallusion Content Downloader and updated the Hub and CrazyTalkAnimator 3.3 and have followed all FAQ and tech support instructions/suggestions for downloading content I bought last month.

It would download a tiny bit then hang not even allowing me to cancel. Each time I would have to wait for 4 or 5 min for it to time out and say "Network disconnected. Download failed." before I could click the retry button again. Many times it wouldn't advance at all. It took 2 days before I was able to complete that download!

Yesterday I purchased additional content and once again it is hanging and I'm having to wait 4 or 5 minutes. I keep getting "Network disconnected. Download failed." I tried all day yesterday and again this morning and have managed to get it to about 2/3rds downloaded so far before it wouldn't advance at all. I've even tried cancelling (which I can only do when the retry button comes up) but that takes me back to the start! I will persevere this time but PLEASE offer an alternative. Zipped file? Dropbox?

Very frustrating. I've looked at all the help pages, FAQs etc. What can I do? Please offer another way. Is this happening to other Mac users?
OS: Mac OS 10.12
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Submitted bysdaly
Sorry, I made a mistake with my MacOS. I should have put 10.12.4 so no update to worry about.

My recent order on my member page doesn't appear to have the same options you show on your attachments so I can't try any other way of downloading.

It took 1 1/2 days to download but it did, finally. I think it must be my satellite download speed. My only option in the future may be to pack up my computer and visit friends 30km way ;-)

Thank you for your feedback. 
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Also that the Mac OSX 10.14 was still in Beta stage and just launched recently. Did you encountered the slow download situation of the Content Downloader before you upgrade your OSX to 10.14?

Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Please login to your member page on our website, goto the "Order" tab, you will find the list of your order history, you can download your orders there. For some contents, we provide download by Content Downloader only, but for most contents, we also provide Windows / Mac installer download. I found that you just purchased the G2 Power Tools Vol. 1 on 7/28, which provides all three way downloads

The "Universal Installer" will download a file "Installcontent.rlcontent", which is a content list for Content Downloader. After download, when you double click the Installcontent.rlcontent, it will activate the Content Downloader to start download the contents in the list.

Please try download the G2 Power Tools Vol. 1 by "Mac Installer" and by "Universal Installer", and let us know how big the difference in time or in continuity for these two download modes?

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