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Looking for your help to solve confusion on Reallusion's Property & Assets for Mass Distribution:
Hello Reallusion Team,

Hope you are doing well !!

I have few scenarios, where i have some confusion on distribution rights regarding reallusion's property / assets. so thought to ask here in feedback let me start with my workflow:

I have,

CC3 (With purchased contents from Content store & Marketplace) > Iclone7 (With purchased contents from Content store & Marketplace) > Photoshop (For Rendered Images) > Construct 3 ( For creating visual novel / interactive stories in HTML5 / Apk format) > Hitfilm Express ( For Promotional Videos)

Iam a single person planning to work on my own project for mass distribution (not for clients), Now distribution channel /platform could be:

a. Blog (For motivational quotes / HD wallpaper in storytelling approach ex: very similar to "Joker Quotes")
b. Youtube / Facebook Videos (Cartoon Channel)
c. Visual Novel / Interactive Stories publishing via google play store / amazon appstore / from own website.
d. Creating digital comics & sell via amazon kindle / google play books.

Output Idea from reallusion's product for all those approaches would be either in Video (MP4)/ Images (JPEG) format mostly 3D Renders.
Considering Monetization (via selling / ad revenue) these all options i have at this time,

but before proceeding ahead, i would like to know out of these options, on which one i would require approval certificates from reallusion marketing team, which one is restricted from reallusion's end ? or which one i can begin without any permission required.

Since i don't want to fall under copyright act / some other conflicts later on. Idea is once i get the clarity, i will pick one option and start working on the same without any hassle.

Looking forward for your advice on mentioned concern ?
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You can get more detail about End User License FAQ from this page:
It also provides the contact info, hope it is helpful for you.

Thank you,