iClone 7
Issue 3605
"Look At Camera" Motions are not captured in FBX Export
If you make an avatar look at a panning or moving camera, the motion head/eye weight that is then available in iClone is not exported as part of an FBX file. Would like to see the motion either be baked into the FBX (like soft-cloth can be baked), or have it exported as the avatar's animation.
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Submitted byTonyDPrime
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I found a workaround for this issue that will help in the meantime for some people hopefully.

While exporting FBX from iclone doesn't include the look at camera effect, you can still get through 3dxchange (assuming you have the pipeline edition).
1) In iclone, ensure Animations > Motion Settings > Bake Constraint Key is ticked
2) Set a "Collect Clip" for the frames you want to export
3) Open the model you want to render the animation with in 3dxchange 
4) Back in iclone, play the clip once all the way through
5) When it's done, right click on the Collect Clip and choose "Add MotionPlus to 3DXchange"
6) when it opens in 3dxchange, under the Animation panel choose Add All To Perform
7) Export the FBX as normal and choose "Include Animation" and Include Geometry

This worked for me when trying to get a character animation into unity. Be aware that the bones it maps the animation to are named differently in 3dxchange, so include the geometry as well to be sure you can actually play the animation.

Hope that helps someone.

No change in this new release 7.41.2525 (29 jan 19)... Look at Camera won't export in any solutions...
"The Song Remains The Same"...

I just had confirmation of the support service that it is certainly a bug. 

The problem comes from the use "look at camera" ... as soon as one uses this function, it is not recorded in Motion Plus and even less in a file FBX during the export. "Look At Camera" is nevertheless a very useful and essential function during animations. The bug has existed since TonyDPrime has postponed it in 2017 ... I hope that the Dev Team can solve this annoying problem. While waiting for this correction, I strongly advise those who make their renders in a third party program (such as Unreal) not to use this function and to use Face Puppet or Face Key in order to remedy some problems related to the "look" of their characters.

Despite this, nothing will change the fact that Iclone remains one of the few animation solutions to allow independent artists a professional quality, an immeasurable time saver as well as an important workflow.
I have the same problem... (Iclone 7.4 pipeline) Any "Eyeball" animation (expression, face key...) won't export in my FBX file... thank for your prompt support.
I'm having the same problem. 
I understand that this issue is supposed to be addressed with the "Bake Constraint Key" option, documented here:
I understand that, in theory, I should be able to have a character look at a camera or other object, then check "Bake Constraint Key", then collect the clip and add as MotionPlus to library, then apply that to a new project, and have the character continue looking in the same direction.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work properly; when I apply the MotionPlus file to a new project, the eyes are looking in the wrong direction.
I made a video of it here:
Description of the video: I created a new project with the default avatar, applied an animation, and made her look at the camera. I then ensured "Bake Constraint Key" was checked, then collected the clip and saved as MotionPlus to library. I then opened a new project with the default avatar and applied the newly saved animation from the library. She is not looking at the camera, and her eyes are looking off to the left (her right).
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