iClone 7
Issue 3605
"Look At Camera" Motions are not captured in FBX Export
If you make an avatar look at a panning or moving camera, the motion head/eye weight that is then available in iClone is not exported as part of an FBX file. Would like to see the motion either be baked into the FBX (like soft-cloth can be baked), or have it exported as the avatar's animation.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byTonyDPrime
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Still no solution for that even iClone8???
Had this issue when exporting an FBX to Unreal - was pretty frustrating. Solved it by having the character look at a sphere, then turned on the Bake Constraint Key option before export. Works like a charm (at least for .FBX to Unreal):

Here's the link to find the Bake Constraint Key:
I am having the same issue now mid 2021!

This is really bad!
I am having this look at camera eye problem also. When I animate a character in iClone 7 and use look at camera, set free, pick target, set free, look at camera, etc. I get a good result until I attempt to do a collect clip and turn the animation into a motion plus. When I do a collect clip, I play through the animation, then save the animation as a motion plus with all the correct boxes ticked. When I import the saved motion plus, and play the animation, the eyes vibrate and look in the wrong directions. This is a huge issue as I need to save the motion plus for use in Unreal Engine. Please Advise
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I have this problem also and it's pretty disappointing to see how old this post is.  
Considering I bought all this pipeline software and export content specifically for animating characters so I could export them to Maya and render 3d vr  POV movies it feels like a little more then a bug.
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