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Just Purchased New G3 Characters & 3D Motions - Disappointed
I was hoping I could use my latest purchases to complete a project I had in mind. I missed out on trying the 3D motion Spunky offer back in Jan because I read the email too late. If I had I would of had some time to try and figure out how the new 3D motions work.

Once again I had grand ideas after watching your videos that these characters and motions would allow me to produce a quality presentation quicker but what I've found is the items are not working as I would expect. Not intuitive. The G3 actors I bought have F, S and S2 angles BUT the professional 3D motions I thought I could use with them have marking at the end of their file names of F, C or M. When I drop motions from 3D on a G3 characters it looks like he is about to break his back every time.

I thought these purchases would help me get something up and running vs. giving me another 3-6 month learning curve opportunity when I have a project to complete now. I was so excited about this purchase which I planned out in my mind but when I got it and added a couple of 3D motions right out the box onto my brand new characters I was like expletives he looks like a contortionist. Not another key frame run time composer situation. I see this activate link. I hovered over it thinking it would tell me what it was but of course not everyone who uses CTA is expected to know all the options or google everything. It is hard to find an answer if you don't know how to state the question/issue in its proper terminology.
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Submitted bytratra_00
Deborah Hearne
You don't apply the 3D motion directly to the characters. You apply them directly to the dummy based on the angle of the character you want to apply the motion to. You save the motion once you have converted it to 2D and then apply it directly to the character with the same angle.  The videos I linked to are really easy to follow.  I am a beginner like you so I do understand the frustration with using the program.
I cannot remember the Home motion I tried because I thought it might work for a video idea but for example the motion kitchen_clean_ table M. The positioning was so off for me I could not fathom how to easily adjust it. Little tweaks here and there I'm ok with but when the character twists like a pretzel its out of my pay grade and I'm frustrated. All in all CTA is a great software package it can have a big learning curve at times if you have a particular concept in mind and you want it to look great vs. just so so.
Test for you go get a motion for Mocap Home like the sofa chat and put it on G3 campus characters and let me know how long it takes you to fit those positions on these G3 figures. Meaning you someone experienced and good at working with CTA vs a lay person who can do basic adjusts. Let me know how long it takes you to get that whole scene with 3 G3 characters for M,F and child. Thanks!  Maybe reallusion should put a list or symbol of what characters work with MoCap motions that they offer for sell.
Deborah Hearne
You need to change the 3D animations to the correct angle.  There are training videos on how to set up the 3d animations:

There is also a webinar here: