CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 5223
Issue handling concurrent voice recording audio files in CTA
I discovered an issue where when you add a few concurrent voice tracks as audio files (example: a dialog between several characters with one recorded voice track for each character) at a certain point when you try to save the project you may get Save Project Error. After that you will be unable to save the project unless you relaunch the application.

Upon further investigation I discovered that it begins to happen once you hit a certain threshold (i.e. a certain duration of the sound file). Shorter files (under 1 min) do not seem to cause it, while longer (over 2 min) do. I also discovered that when you add an mp3 file, CTA seems to convert it to the native (or WAV) audio format which increases the size of the project dramatically. For example: simply adding a 2 min mp3 recording track (original size ~2Mb) to a simple 1 character project increases project size from 3Mb to over 50Mb.

I found a workaround by breaking voice tracks into smaller bits by cutting out the silence but it is not very convenient and a bit tedious too especially if you need to move the entire voice track back of forward a few frames. In my workflow I record all voice tracks in sound editing software and then export them as separate mp3 files - one per character.

Hopefully the way CTA handles audio voice tracks for the characters can be improved.
OS: Mac OS 10.13
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Submitted bycandlelight2007
I assume my problem could be related since cta3 seems to lose its 'stop' button while recording voice.
On the top, I see 'voice recording does not react anymore' (in dutch)
The only way to get out of this situation is closing cta3 and restarting it. At this moment I record my audio with a other program and import it as a wav file.