Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8216
I will very happy if the next CTA update have these below features
1. Recently, CTA can only add up to 3 sound files at a time (Sound FX1, Sound FX2, and Music). Each character has a chance to add a sound file for lip-sync purposes. There is only one option to change the volume for Sound FX1, Sound FX2, and Music at the same time. And there is no chance to change the volume for lip-syncing sound files in each character. I wish:
+ There is no limit to adding Sound FX files.
+ The volume of each sound file in both the timeline and the lip-sync sound file can be changed seperately.

2. CTA sometimes suddenly turns off without notice, the project file will not be saved or will be broken. As the result, the project file can not be opened that project file again anymore. I know it is not easy to fix and the problem may result from many unknown reasons, but I hope this problem can be improved. Since I met this problem, I am always working with stress. My 3 days long project might gone without notice.

3. I wish CTA can do physical movements like, their characters look so real.

4. How is amazing if CTA has all MOHO premium features? I will cry for that.

5. New secret features to beat MOHO? I can't wait to see them all!

Above all, CTA brought me to a new creative world. Thank you very much for all of your efforts to make my dream come true.
OS: Windows 10
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