CrazyTalk Animator 3
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I love your program BUT...
I've been using your program for a few months and it's incredible. The ease of use has been an amazing experience. Here are some things that I think would improve your program.

-Illustrator G3 rig import (flash import is too slow and too complicated)
-The ability to keyframe swapping heads on G3 characters. To show my character looking left and right, i have to create a duplicate body and hide one or the other body to have them looking in opposite directions. It's easy to swap a head on a character but you can't set a keyframe for it.
-Selecting a bone that is behind a prop. My characters have props imported in the the composer moderr but when I return to the Back Stage, I can't select the bone that is behind the prop.
-Rotate hips and torso individually instead of rotating the whole body or whole upper torso respectively. ie rotating the hip rotates the whole body and rotating the torso rotates the arms and head.
-The spacebar won't play back the animation when I hit it. I have to click the timeline then press spacebar
-Autosave. Your program is highly unstable. I've lost hours of work because it crashes several times a day. I've resorted to setting a timer to remind me to save my progress.
-In and Out hotkeys for range constraints. Hotkeys, Hotkeys, Hotkeys.
-Sorting my Scene Manager only lasts until I select something, then it is no longer sorted, I have to re-sort again and again
-Keyframe selection. I'm having a bugger of a time trying to select a keyframe to drag it to a new location. It won't move when I try to drag it.
-Personal Workspaces
-Hotkey for the Select Tool (arrow tool)
-Timeline markers
-Animate button. Toonboom has a button that will allow the user to toggle animation on or off. Many mistakes that cost time have been made because I move something and it sets a keyframe when i don't want to .
-Flipped actors creates flipped controls. ie trying to rotate bones on a flipped actor is opposite of what it should be. Rotating counterclockwise causes it to rotate clockwise and vice versa. The same goes for the prop deform tool. Up is down and down is up.
-Next and Previous frames. Hotkey for moving the play head one frame at a time or 10 frames at a time.

I've worked with several animation programs and yours is the best. Mostly because I can create custom animations and then drag and drop on other actors. The items listed are features in these other programs and would greatly improve an already amazing software.
OS: Mac OS 10.12
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Submitted bywhittywitt
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- Opening the Scene Manager and pressing the Spacebar did not work when stopping animation → This issue has been released in CTA v3.21 (Windows Only)
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Hi whittywitt,

We will check this issue.

Thanks for your help.

Hi thanks for the reply.

1. The spacebar problem occurs mostly when I am working with props, characters, and scenes. If I have been manipulating objects, it won't play unless I click on the timeline. Sometimes I can get it to play by pressing spacebar, but it won't stop when I press it again. I have to click the timeline then press spacebar again.

2. You can view a screen capture here
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Thank you for your feedback.

1. The spacebar won't play back the animation when I hit it. - Could you provide more detail how to operate and which situation will not playback?

2. Keyframe selection. as the same with the first issue, could you record a video? 

3. Flipped actors creates flipped controls. - This issue we have noted we will try to fix in the future.

Your help is highly appreciated.