Character Creator 3
Issue 8422
I can not get output. Unable to obtain elements and rgb channels.
In the process of creating and rendering characters, it was confirmed that you can hang the batch render with the iray's render scene button.

Set it to the Export settings window with the render scene button and press the render button with preview resolution,
The mi files should be extracted and output in the folder, but the mi file will be saved, but the output image will not be displayed.
Only depth and normal channels come out.

I'll reinstall the program
If you convert to iclone and try iray again,
The results are the same.
Is there a problem with my license?

There is no problem saving one sheet at a time in the preview window.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byblack_080054
I found the cause of the problem

The cause of this problem was network drive mapping.
I run everything on the network drive on the company's pipeline.

The local path was able to resolve this issue during testing in multiple directions.

However, in this case, the image should not come out or an error message should appear, but it seems that the parts that do not need to be supplemented.

\\network drive name\\folder name\project\This is how the code in the path and batch command appears to conflict.

이 경우가 다른분들께 도움이 되길 바랍니다.