iClone 7
Issue 6170
How to mute Hiedi's imotion{ talking)

Newbie here. I am trying to create a conference scene and have a voiceover of a lot of people talking and a calm background music, but because i have used the default imotions to animate alot of the dummy characters in the scene they are all talking. How do i get the imotion for talking without the sound/speech?

Many thanks for your help.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bysarahyacim
If you are still looking for a solution ... open your timeline.  Make sure the viseme and motion tracks are open for your character.  You should see Heidi talk in both.  If you try to delete the voice the way it is, it deletes the animation with the sound.  If you right click either the motion track or voice track and choose split, it unlinks the voice from the motion.  You can now select just the viseme track and delete.  The viseme(voice/lip) data is deleted but the motion remains.  You can add your own speech  to the character if you wish or just leave it with no talking.  To get .lip motion with no talking, you would have to Use the face key function under the animation tab. And manipulate the lips after performing the other steps.  Hope this helps I. The short term.  Perhaps there is a mute for individual characters of which I am not aware.  Good luck.  Shawn