Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 7983
G360 Children Characters Pack in Content Store
I would love to see new G360 children characters added to the Content Store. Right now, the only children characters are the G3 characters and these do not come with the 360 heads nor bone hands. Adding the 360 children characters would make it worth it for those who don't draw to buy the new 3D motion packs geared towards children and families.

These are the features I would like with the pack:

* 8 new children characters
* Different sprite facial components
* Different sprite hairstyles
* Bone hands for children characters (important to match with the 3D motions)
* PSD files for the characters so the outfits can be changed, updated, mixed and matched
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDeborah Hearne
Deborah Hearne
The solution for children characters given is pretty unsettling There are no real clothing options for children. The clothing options available look too adult for children. Girls usually don't wear 6-inch heels. Boys don't wear tight-fitting muscle shirts.

Using the adult male bodes creates male children with weird muscles. Using the adult female bodies creates curvy female children with breasts. Children should have their own body type without muscles or breasts.