Cartoon Animator 4
Released in 4.21
Issue 6932
G3 Elastic Folks PSD export and quality issues
I recently purchased Cartoon Animator 4 and I also bought some packs on the Content Store (listed at the bottom).
While I was testing the program, I noticed the following issues with the characters from the Elastic Folks series:

1. G3 Elastic Folks The Families PSD Issue: When I open any character of this pack in the PSD editor, some body parts are not placed in the correct position. If I save the file, this problem is also reflected in CA4.
The following video shows the problem and I also attached a zip archive with the PSD files.

2. G3 Elastic Folks (both default and Families characters) Quality Issue: After rendering, seems like the Elastic Folks' heads have a lower quality compared to the body parts and especially to other character types. I tried different render settings but the result is the same and gets worse with lower resolutions.
The quality seems lower even in the exported PSDs and this affects the possible changes made to the characters (especially change the skin color).
The promo videos of the packs on the Content Store seemed to have a better quality.
The following video shows two characters (The Families vs. Campus Hero) in comparison. I also attached an image frame with the export settings that I use.

3. G3 Elastic Folks Face Components Issue: I'm not sure that this is a real issue but with Elastic Folks characters it's not possible to open single face parts in PSD editor with the Layer Manger in Composer Mode. With other character types, this is possible (as shown in the following video).

Some further details about my settings:
- Program Version: 4.2.1709.1
- Default PSD editor: Affinity Designer (N.B. The PSDs quality problems also appear with Photopea)

Packs purchased on the Content Store:
- G3 360 Characters - Campus Hero
- G3 Elastic Folks-The Families
- G3 Facial Components - Face Maker
- G3 Elastic Motions - Come & Go
- Office Life Motion Pack


OS: Windows 10
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