CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 5886
Feature request for multi-core processing support
It would be a huge improvement in the time required to render video if CTA allowed multi-core processing (either taking advantage of all available cores by default or by providing an option in settings to do so).

Currently only one core is being utilized. To confirm how many cores are being used on a Windows PC, before starting a video render:
1) Open the Task Manager app
2) Click on the Performance tab
3) Click on the CPU option in the left navigation menu
4) Right-click on the graph to "Change graph to" select "Logical processors." Each two blocks in the graph represent one core.
5) Now start a video export in CTA and note that only the blocks for one core ramp up in percent utilization...and imagine how much faster things would be if all of those blocks were being utilized!

Background: Originally posted in the forum as "Is there a setting to allow for multi-core processing?" Peter (RL) replied "CTA doesn't currently include customizable options for multi-core support. However, I have passed on your request to the CTA team." Posting here in the FeedBackTracker for up-votes by the community to consider in a future release.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjanarae
I'm curious how it's working on mac. I don't use windows. I notice that the GPU is only ever used a max 10% where the CPU is used entirely. I'm on an iMac Pro with 64 GB Ram, 8 GB Radeon Pro, and SSD. Although my machine breezes through export and almost anything else,  it is almost the same on other non-powerful machines, so I don't know that the software uses the full capacity of the GPU and the 8 core CPU.