Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8113
Facial Component Set
I would love to see a facial component set that lets you create different facial components for different character styles. I would also love the set to be similar to the G360 dressing room set where the PSD files are included. The facial component set should focus on creating the different facial sprites for 360 heads.

It should also include a template pack similar to the template packs for the hair and head tools so if someone wants to create their own facial components with all the different nose angles, mouth positions, and eye expressions they are able to do so easily. The process is to load in a head with the facial sprites already and fine tune them. Sometimes it is hard to get the sprites positioned correctly because there is no template for the facial sprites for the pipeline version.
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Submitted byDeborah Hearne
Deborah Hearne
I guess this was partially solved with the new CTA 4 pack that came out.
Deborah Hearne
I have an update on this idea. The facial component set is for the regular 3G heads. I would like to see a facial component set that has:

* Nose
* Ears
* Mouth
* Eyebrows
* Eyes
* Facial hair
* Sideburns
* Eyelashes
* Glasses
Agree 100%