Character Creator 3
Issue 8071
Face / Body Textures Do Not Match

I hadn't seen this before, but I am also seeing

(1) a discoloration between what seems to be the old CC3 head and the old CC3 neck, as there is difference in saturation. The head and neck are not handling color change in the same way.

(2) repeated changes to the skin color, including reset, desaturate the color from its original point vs the current point, almost.
It would be like it I said saturate from Point A to Point B on a numeric line, where A was 0 and B was +2, so you would go from A at 0, to B at 2.
And then if I said "reset" (-2) back to A, meaning go +2 -2 = 0, you would expect to be at A at 0.
But, Instead of bringing it back to A at 0, it is bringing it back to A at -2 (or, 0-2 = -2).
So it seems to be desaturating from the reset-point vs the current-point.

(3) If you continue using Headshot and load a new photo with "Current", it will retain that saturation discoloration into the next photo''

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byYo Dojo
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Yo Dojo
lynxx, that is awesome! I can't wait to try it out.. The only benefit to my method is I now have sliders for Jeff Bezos, Elon Must, The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Joe Biden haha
@Yo Dojo I found another workaround, no need to reimport stuff, save morphs or jumping through any more hoops.

1) After doing the modifications in Headshot, apply one of the template skin textures to your model. 
Your morphs and modifications to the model itself will not be affected, only the textures will change.

2) Re-enable Activate Image Matching Tools, and click Re-Project Photo. 
This will override the skin template, and the result will look like the first time you apply FaceShot. Consequently it won't show the weird seam unless you re-project, but its a simple matter of repeating this process to eliminate the seams. Hope that helps, and makes your life easier, cheers!
@Yo Dojo, thank you very much for sharing the workaround! 

I hope it'll be fixed eventually, but i'll use your method till it is. :)
Yo Dojo
Hey lynx88,

There is a workaround I'll share since nobody is going to fix it. You have to make a morph slider.
Hi, i've been encountering this as well, I find changing the Skin Color in the Headshot plugin affects this. 

The problem is, the face seems to match the color chosen, but the color values rest of the body are offset to something else. It wouldn't be as big of an issue, except the neck also follows the body's color offset.  

If it helps, i've been repeatedly tweaking the model using Sculpt Morph, Image Matching, re-projecting the photo, changing skin type, and Face Mask settings to see which worked best, perhaps some cumulative effect.
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