Character Creator 3
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Issue 5170
FBX export: missing Diffuse and Bump textures
Windows 10 on Bootcamp Macbook Pro

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open CC3
2. Create any character (with or without clothing)
3. Export as FBX with any preset, (InstaLOD on or off does not make a difference)
4. View the exported textures folder

Only the following textures are in the folder;
- ao
- metallic
- MetallicAlpha
- roughness

Expected result:
CC3 also exports the Bump map and Diffuse map in the same folders

Please see the attached screenshots for the settings and folder output.
I have tried all possible combinations and models with FBX, but to no success.
OBJ does export all textures, but does not allow for any of the new features using InstaLOD.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byRainman1
Lord of the Stack
Correction of correction, the readonly thing turns out to be an issue in the latest version of Unity, to which there is a workaround too.. so using unticking embedded textures is now a workable solution for me. Cheers
Lord of the Stack
Correction, doing it this way (non-embedded) creates a more severe problem for me (in Unity) whereby the imported Materials are read-only (not decompressed within Unity), so the usual mess-ups that happen between CC3 and Unity (namely, opacity, which is always imported incorrectly in Unity) cannot be fixed. So it is looking like I will need to, manually, one by one, recreate every material for my character...

so yes.. please address this issue...
Lord of the Stack
I am having the same problem, and it only started recently. Last time I tried to export this worked perfectly, but today, I am not getting any textures exported to the FBX.

@Feedback Tracker Admin: I think you are misunderstanding the problem. Textures can be exported to separate files (by unticking embed), this works, but they should be able to be exported inside of the FBX file. Used to be all I needed was the FBX file, I could import it (in my case, into Unity) and all the textures would be available (in my case, Unity decompresses them into a .fbm folder, same way it appears when exported externally), but now, this glitch seems to have occured for me, where all the textures are missing, and my character is entirely grey, and even though the materials are found in the fbx, the textures for them are not, the materials simply use a solid grey albedo. 

That said, luckily (in my case) copying the exported fbm folder over alongside the fbx file to Unity, is allowing it to find and link up those textures no problem. But this is still a bug that needs fixing, as embedded textures are no longer working, and they used to.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Lord of the Stack, 

Thanks for your comment!
You can check this forum's tutorial to import your character to Unity properly!
Please let me know if this worked for you!

Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

To export Diffuse, Opacity, Bump..., you need to uncheck the "Embed Textures" in Export FBX settings, please try this and let us know does it works?