iClone 6
Released in 6.50
Issue 303
Export Sequence of Images - Filename should use actual frame numbers
When you EXPORT (render) to a SEQUENCE OF IMAGES, the naming convention is :
MyPrefix00002.png etc...

This is fine the first time, especially you start with the first frame. But it quickly goes downhill from there.

What if I want to re-render frames 500-699? It starts with "00000" again, now Frame 500 is "MyPrefix00000.png" making it much more difficult to manage my exported images.

If I rendered a third time, from 450 to 550, Frame 500 will be called "MyPrefix00025.png" Aaaargh!

It would be much better if "Frame 500" is always called "MyPrefix00500.png" no matter what frame is the first one in my range.

I believe using "actual frame numbers" in the filename will result in counting by twos, typically, starting with one (not zero). It should match the numbers you use in the "Range" setting. That should help remove "Frame Rate" from being an issue, I hope.

I know some people may debate if this is a bug or suggestion. It seems like such a fundamental oversight, "bug" isn't unreasonable in my opinion. Either way, please change this behavior.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking
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Thank you very much for your feedback.

The issue has been fixed in iClone v6.5 and will be released in a few weeks.
I understand to 60FPS. But will the renumbering be considered? That wasn't quite clear from RL's response.
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Thank you very much for your feedback.

By default that we set Timeline fame rate is 60 FPS and it cannot be converted. 
Therefore, if you export image sequence by 30 FPS, the Timeline will not be updated accordingly
To fix this issue, we need to modify iClone’s core and it may take a long time to complete.
Agreed, other than sub folders there's no work around.
The only workaround that I have for this at the moment is to export the files to different sub-folders. Main folder = Project_Title, then sub-folders first with scene number and take (Camera) number and finally sub-folders with frame range numbers. The whole path can end up looking like:


Having the actual frame numbers included in the file name during render would be a great help.
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