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Issue 6613
Editing character in PSD editor messes up the 360 Head setup.
Scenario: I have a character and have gone through the process of configuring it for 360 Head rotation. Then I decide to edit it (e.g. to modify one of the facial features). I launch PSD Editor (Affinity) and make changes. When I save the PSD file and update the character in CA4, I discover that all the angles of 360 Setup are messed up, so I have to do the setup all over again.

Ironically, it seems logical to me. The PSD file does not seem to contain any information about any deform or transform action that has been used during 360 Setup. The only info it does seem to have is about sprites (in Left, Right sections of the Head template). Which means that whatever deform/transform action has been used during the 360 setup it stays within CA4 version of the character but it would not translate into (or be stored in) its PSD version.

Having said that, it is still very frustrating to have to re-do all the angles every time you edit your character. Perhaps it is something you need to include in the manual along with a workaround.
OS: Mac OS 10.14
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