Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8277
Drawing within CTA
It would enhance the animations in CTA4 if you added a DRAWING layer, where one could simply draw frame by frame (to enhance CTA motions) for motions, simple effects, storyboards, etc...

In Toon Boom harmony, a user can draw on a drawing layer using the vector brush tools, paint tools, morophing tools. It would be amazing to have a simple option to just match a color and draw emotion lines, a new mouth quickly, or anything on a new drawing layer (or multiple drawing layers)
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byboxels
Where are you drawing extra sprites live? You mean in Photoshop export?
hearne.debbie - Yes, it is understood that CTA4 is a keyframe software, that gives it the powerful easy to animate flow. What I'm suggesting is the ability to draw on a layer or multiple layers (create a drawing layer) for subtle animation effects, props, quick squash and stretch frames, etc. that are not possible with the CTA software right now. 

I get you can do sprites, that's great, but if you could take your stylus and draw on a layer (frame by frame) it would add to the powerful key-frame animation software.
Deborah Hearne
Cartoon Animator isn't really for frame-by-frame animation. It is key-frame animation software. You can draw extra sprites live if you have the pipeline version and then just use keyframes to add those sprites to the timeline.