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Issue 11121
Default content path cannot be changed
I am having trouble changing the default path of content for iClone8.4 and CharacterCreator4.4.
When installing from Realluson Hub, I think it was previously possible to set the default content path, but in the latest version of the hub, although it is possible to change the main program installation path, there seems to be no option to set the default content path. The default will always be C:/Users/Public/Documents/Reallusion/Reallusion Templates.
This is because Windows 11 had many problems, so I did a clean install of Windows 11, but before the clean install, I changed the default content location of Reallusion to the D drive (D:\Users\Public\Documents\ Reallusion), and there I can find the old Reallusion Templates folder and Reallusion Custom.
The contents of IC7 and CC3 remain as they are, and I would like to make them the default content location, but I am unable to do so. When I try to change the settings of the smart gallery, a dialog box appears stating that the directory exists, and I cannot change it.
I'm in a lot of trouble. It would be nice to be able to specify default content paths in the Hub during installation like before?
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bym_koshi