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Issue 5793
Crashes on 'apply'.
On a 2016 macbook pro running the latest Mojave, CT8 crashes after I've created my character - when I click 'apply'. While we're at it, there is no customer service IN THE MOMENT. 2 days wait? Really? And even on this tech support page, any complaints are met with a suggestion to get in touch with customer service. Then it says 'solved' without any information as to how! It's a cool product and I want to use it. Please show me asap that you're a viable company that doesn't steal money from your community.
OS: Mac OS 10.14
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Submitted bybrandexus
I've had similar problem on my old device. Since I bought new one - everything is fine. I can play my favorite  without any hitches or delays.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, brandexus,

Thank you for feedback.

The Feedback Tracker is mainly used to collect bugs and feature suggestions of our products, it is handled by our QA people. Those issues you saw that we transferred to our Customer Service people are neither bugs nor feature suggestions, our Customer Service people can help them to solve those type of issues better than by QA.

As I know, our Customer Service people have replied you today, we will need your help to provide the crash report of your Mac, so that we can further investigate the problem. You can either send the crash report by reply the support ticket, or attach here in your next comment.