CrazyTalk 8
Issue 6892
Crash after crash
Click on New Project. Click on New Actor. Select 2D. Set eyes & mouth points. Apply. Next. Some times at this point my image totally vanishes. Other times, I start to set more points in Face Fitting Editor. If I get this far, I can set the inner ring of points. If my image doesn't vanish at this stage, I click on Detail & begin to set those points. As I am setting them, my image vanishes. There is nowhere to retrieve it. (I've probably spent about 2 minutes in the whole process.)

Starting over (again & again) only brings the same result of poof! work disappeared.
Turning off my computer, nor restarting it does not solve the problem.

Upon tech support's advice I have totally uninstalled everything I purchased a week ago. I then freshly downloaded all anew.

BOO ----- identical problem. The creating process crashes, leaving only a blank home page.

[Somewhere I remember seeing a reference to issues when Catalina came out last fall. DID THOSE GET FIXED?????]

I want to get this resolved because CrazyTalk is what I need ----- for an immediate need -----TODAY!

OS: Mac OS 10.15
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Submitted byartist_519285
Reallusion has no interest in solving the issue. They instead require you to purchase a Windows program to solve the issue they created by not developing the program properly. Most people who purchase a Mac have no interest in using Windows platforms.  Seriously a bad move on Reallusions side. I have supported Crazy 8 since it's start and now after upgrading can't even use it to continue providing a service to my marketing clients.  

News travels fast when a company does not support the customers who made it a success.
Me too! 

"Crazy talk 8" gets shut down every time I use it.

Help me!

And I am going to change my iMac 27inch(late 2015) to M1 Mac mini(late2020).

Is this Crazy talk 8 is available on M1 Mac?
Upon QT support's advice, I installed Bootcamp (an app automatically on Apple computers which partitions your RAM on which you install Windows, with Apple support's fantastic help).  The only thing I use it for is CrazyTalk8 that works without a glitch on Windows.  

It was worth the hassle.

Get QT support guidance for making the Mac>Windows QT app transfer.

Hope this helps & lessens your hopelessness.  Been there .....
Same here, does not work properly... is slow and crashes every  5-10 Minutes.