Character Creator 3
Released in 3.3
Issue 6346
Confоrm shoes is out of order
Confоrm shoes does not work properly in CC3 as it used to in CC1/2.

1. For characters converted from CC1 > CC3, newly applied shoes appears to be stretched inward. Calculate Collision does almost nothing.
The only way to obtain more or less acceptable shoe confоrmation, is to change any value of Body/Head morphs and back.
This has to be done every time new shoes applied to the model.
Please see screenshot 1

2. For default CC3 characters, or those converted from DAZ, shoes conforming is better than those described in (1).
But not as perfect as shoes conformation used to work in CC1 or CC2. No matter what shoes applied they are always *loose*.
Please see screenshot 2 to compare same shoes applied in CC2 and in CC3.
Again, changing the value of any morph slider conforms shoes fine, but still not as perfect as it used to be in CC2.

Please revise conformation for shoes and make it the way it used conform in Character Creator 2!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges