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Comment on Training Videos
This is a suggestion for all training videos applicable to any product. The training videos I am following now for CrazyTalk Animator 3 are pretty good but for me there is one fundemental flaw.

The importance of training videos is to impart the information for the learner not to dump the information as quickly as possibe.

The way I learn being visual is to follow the process on another display. I learn faster by doing. The problem is I have to keep rewinding all the time because something was done too quickly. This is a huge waste of time and takes me much longer to pick up the process by seeing it work as I do it.

Is it possible for the people creating these videos to bear this in mind. If the goal is to educate then the learner needs to see the activity clearly and have time to stimulate on their product.

One example Animator 3 Getting Started: It's pretty good but some things are too quick to follow in the moment. It would take one person a little longer to produce but imagine how people would learn much faster.

I am working through the video then suddenly he says we can move the scene. I follow him several times and then try searching to find out how to do this and still can't pick up the whole scene. This is really so frustrating and wastes so much time.

One other thing to bear in mind are the different aspects each person has. On the video the cross in the middle is halfway in the sky but on my machine it's in the sand. I want to know if I can control this because when following a training sequence it makes more sense if everything works on my laptop the same as in the training video. Attached displays showing both.
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Regardless of whether you're making training videos for your group, spicing up your client onboarding knowledge, or attempting to acquire understudies for your most recent course, you need your recordings to look great.
Really good point. I use that software for my instagram followers. Good videos always have got more likes.
Yes...the tutorials videos are running way to fast. It's clear the Reallusion does not use good elearning principles or techniques. It would be relatively easy to break up the videos and make them part of a quality elearning presentation which would provide the learner more control and topic reinforcements.

I do this a lot and it would not be difficult at all.
I have "Crazy Talk 3 standard". There's a tutorial that uses supposedly the same version as mine. The problem is the tutorial starts off making a queen like figure animated. Then it tells you you can create your own animated figure. The tutorial shows the instructor downloading the chihuahua from a file. In one minute 30 seconds into the tutorial the instructor clicks on the side ribbon button "create G3 free bone actor".

I have the same standard version as the instructor but don't have this button "create G3 free bone actor".   Why can't i do the same as the instructor? ?
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I think the point about things being done a bit too fast is a good one. In my opinion it could also be beneficial to separate the some of the steps by slight pauses and to add some kind of highlighting (if not already done) when-ever a mouse is being clicked (esp. when demonstrating the use of the timeline where there are no menu options).