Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8328
Coming from mine-imator I don't like five things in CA4.51
1. If I select any body part/bone of the character or any prop etc. in the canvas then in the timeline it should switch to that specific selection automatically rather than just highlighting it. In big projects I have to scroll around to find what I just selected to be able to edit keyframes. It wastes time and if it's fixed then it would be faster then before to make animations.

2. In Timeline when I want to see how I made animation moving the frames using mouse I am moving it forward or backwards but it doesn't keep moving if it reaches the end of the screen but I have to use the scroll at bottom to change the frame view. Sometimes I just move it further or backwards using mouse to reach to a point in animation to see if it was ok but to find it either I have to play the animation using play button or scroll around keep clicking in the frames to find what I was looking for.

3. I don't know if reallusion's focus is to have a drag and drop animation software but for me when I want custom animation the Timeline is where I pay close attention. It needs to be opened all the time for me and I play around with it to get best results in animation. But in my tablet's small screen if I open timeline the canvas size gets very small on mine-imator it wasn't the case but anyhow it's not a big problem as I just turn off camera mode and zoom in to see animation closely and be able to click bones.

4. If pressed play button from canvas then it is ok what it already does but I think it would be great if the user selects a frame from within the Timeline and then presses the play button then on pressing play button again instead of stopping on the frame where it had reached it should get back to the frame from where it had started, the frame the user had played it from. So that user can keep pressing play button and it keeps repeating from that frame onward giving quick view to the animator to see if animation made is perfect or not. This can be achieved already by setting a loop so not important but just a sugguestion.

5. Not very important But it's about feeling as we use the software daily - I had used Moho and when I moved rigged character's body parts around it felt so smooth like it encouraged me to make any animation I want to make easily. i.e an action fight scene. Feeling like I have the complete control and I can do it. But in CA4 it's not smooth like that.

6. This one is just extra But I think it can help boost your sales - To my knowledge the product price of CA4 is the same worldwide. If it is the case it's unfair. i.e the people in the west for them it's a small price but for the people in Asia it can be their one month's whole earning. And Finally - I think the purpose of CA4 is to help people make stories and animations easily. Not requiring much art skills. If so it would be great if CA4 by default comes with a real simple stick figure where we just change the heads or colors. And a simple basic walk and run animation that can suit and be applied to all stick figure characters the users create. There are two types of stick figures in my mind one is where the body parts are thick and the head blank filled with color. So the animators can just change the color to make different characters. Example: Animation vs Minecraft. The other is where body parts are a thin lines and head is filled with white color but has eyes and mouth. Example: Henry Stickmin, and the guys who make WHEN A GAMER topic youtube videos. If you read this far I thank you!
OS: Windows 10
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