Character Creator 2
Released in 2.1
Issue 2285
CC2.01 Launches Degraded, Lossy Compressed, JPG Textures To The Image Editor
From the Material editor, when you "launch" a texture map from a texture slot by clicking on the "Launch" button, a degraded JPG image is sent to the chosen image editor instead of sending the original texture. This result in editing a degraded image with compression artifacts. Several roundtrips this way and you end up by having a seriously degraded texture map.

If you save the same texture map from the same slot by clicking the "Save" button, then you can save the image as a lossless PNG image without compression artifacts.

In short: CC2.01 (same issue with iClone btw) SHOULD send ("Launch") non degraded PNG images (or any other lossless image format) to the chosen image editor instead of lossy compressed JPG images.
OS: Windows 10
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