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Issue 7321
CC make a V Pose
If I create a Morph Slider from a exported TPOSE Character and import a Morph with T Pose , only the Head is change , I get a V pose if I drag the morph slider.

That must ne a bug

In the picture is the Geometry what I want as morph and what I get in CC
You see the arm move to the V pose , but this shouldn't happen
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byvidi
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi vidi,

V Pose issue :
We only support Bind-Pose OBJ when you create morph sliders, so in your video, the OBJ you used was T-Pose, but the data inside objkey only collect A-Pose information, this was the reason why you got the offset on both Arms.
If you export CC3+ obj in CC with function calls "Nude Character In Bind-Pose" should always get the APose OBJ, could you also show us how you get the TPose OBJ and its objkey?

3DCoat compatible issue :
After testing, the FBX export in T-Pose will get correct result in preset that we currently support (Like blender / Maya...), I'll pass this compatible issue between CC and 3DCoat to our Dev team.

Thanks for your patience.

1. baking issue  for reproduce 
Send a TPose CC+ to Zbrush . make a High Level Sculpting
Export to 3D Coat  und the Low Mesh via GOZ back to CC 
Export from the CC, no matter FBX or obj(works nothing )  to 3D coat for baking:
You will see the obj has an offset 
and the FBX has always a A Pose 

For baking,  Import High Zbrush Mesh  via Vertex Paint in 3D coat 
and use from Retopo menu  Import the LOW CC Mesh 

Baking is not more possible because the UVs are mess and anyway the mesh to not fit 
btw   UDIM Layout is here not for 3D coat working 
therefore also the UDIM checkmark is not set in CC before I export 

That is the workflow that has worked before without trouble , but now it seems for the working with CC+UDIM it is broken for others Workflows. It feels like a mess 
Also it seems the axes has a change now.
Export from Zbrush is now flipped in 3dCoat and is not more Front 
When I change the axes for Export  in the  Preferenz of Zbrush do this break the GOZ update  CC funktion .

2. The V Pose Issue , (video)
you see the Morph Target has a TPOSE , but the slider make a VPose No matter current Morph or default Morph is choose

Please make it working like before!
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi vidi,

Thanks for your feedback!
Cause we can't reproduce this issue in our end.
Could you capture the screen video to show how you create the morph?
Did you use OBJ export or GoZ?
You can upload the video to YouTube and attach the link in your next comment.

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