iClone 6
Issue 755
CC Avatar clothing is destroyed when loading on a terrain
I load a Terrain (High Map or normal Terrain pder Prop which is converted to Terrain) (no matter whether the Terrain of RL or created itself)
- and the terrain is above the grid (terrains that load under the grid are not affected)
- then make a CC Avatar (Christian or self created CC)
To the terrain
- then we distorted his clothes and rendered useless

This error was already a year ago, was repaired at that time and has been back since the last patch. The forum has already opened a tread.

Best wishes from Germany
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byPostfrosch
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you very much for your attention.

This issue has been verified and fixed, please retry it in the the next version of iClone (v6.52).

Corrected link here: . For some reason the period is added to the link...<sigh>
This issue can be very easily reproduced as follows:

1. Load the Plane from Props/3D Space.
2. Convert to Terrain.
3. Set Terrain Snap to Follow Terrain.
4. Make sure the Z value of the Plane Terrain is "0". 
5. Drag Christian on the Plane; he loads normally.
6. Delete Christian.
7. Change the Z value of the Plane Terrain to 500 (so the terrain is now elevated).
8. Drag Christian on the Plane; the clothing will be distorted. 

The distortion gets more pronounced the more elevated the terrain is.

Also, the distortion only occurs with characters that have been saved with Foot Contact checked. Characters that have been saved with Foot Contact unchecked are loaded normally. This has been suggested as a work around at the time.

For a screen capture see this post:
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Postfrosch,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The issue you mention can't be reproduced in our test environment, please refer to the Gif file (Issue 755) for further details.

If you could provide the Terrain prop to help repeating the issue, we would be greatly appreciated.