Cartoon Animator 4
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Issue 8514
CA4 Crashes when editing an accessory in Photoshop
To replicate the bug:

Step 1: In the backstage for any character, Add any accessory. (eg a flower onto fronthair, not head).
Step 2: Exit back to Stage Mode.
Step 3: Click on the accessory to choose it, then take JUST the accessory into backstage for editing
Step 4: Export the accessory image to PSD for photoshop.
Step 3: Edit the image in any way.
Step 4: Save the edited image & return to CA4 to see the auto-updated accessory.
... And this is when CA4 crashes, leaving photoshop still open.

See crash message which appears in a pop-up window.

Note: This crash occurs in Both my Windows 10 Laptop, and my big Win 8.1 Tower PC.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTarampa Studios
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