CrazyTalk Animator 3
Issue 2133
Bug in face Puppet editor
Recently I purchased the pack "Garryppye 3G littlemats", and CTA 3.
From -Composer Mode- I try to change the -Sprite- by default for another of the -Sprite Editor- in this case any part, nose, eyebrows, or hair, pressing -Set default image-, until then everything is fine, I even save the character. .
When I return to the -Stage mode- and I use the puppet interface- and just pressing the -space key- the carácter returns to the original -Sprite-. When I return to the -Composer Mode- The original -Sprite has been replaced.
The only way I've found, it is to edit the sprite I want in -photoshop-save it to another folder other than the default one, and replace the default sprite by this and pressing the -set default image-
It is a long and tedious process and I imagine something goes wrong, or in the editor of -Spites - or that I do something wrong. Believe me I've tried anyway.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydioxo
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Feedback Tracker Admin
This suggestion has been assigned to implement.

If I can help, GarryPye Lil mates is NOT ready for Facial Pupettering if you read the product description. However you can still have fun and have realistic appearance by changing their facial sprites.
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Hi, I suppose the proposed solution is only a temporal patch. The method proposed is slow and tedious, I hope you have the intention to solve this bug in future actualizations. It has no sense that it works on CTA2 and it doesn´t work on CTA3. I will be waiting for future news and solutions. 

Thank you!
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Thank you for your feedback.

You can use the "sprite editor" to change sprites in stage mode, and then adjust character's facial motion via "face key editor".

If you use "face puppet", currently it will use the default face.

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