Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 7437
Bone Hand (back pose) issue
Tonight I created my own cartoon hand on top of the Dummy S2 from the Bone Hand section. A tedious job, but worth it. Looks good. Except when you pick a hand in the Hand Editor that is not open but facing backwards. It looks as if the layer order is wrong. The finger parts are stacked in the wrong order and I don't see a way to change this since I'm in stage mode. In Composition mode I did'nt see anything related too the hand bone. I also looked for other group layers in the psd file but there is only one present. When I pick the hand in the Hand Editor that is showing it's backside, the fingers look more like a robot hand and not very natural. You can see that the overlapping finger parts cause this problem. Due to the fact that I use partial outlines in order to make the fingers look good and different from each other, this causes a real problem with the overlapping finger parts when I choose the back pose of the hand. I further noticed that there IS a template for the open hand available, but not a template for the hand facing backwards. This might be the solution to the problem?

Martin Melis.
OS: Mac OS 10.14
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Hi StudioMM,

The finger layer cannot be adjusted in Stage mode, This is the imperfection of the current specification. I have transferred this issue to our product development team. We apologize for the inconvenience.