Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 7981
Blink icon needed please
Hi can we please have a "Blink" icon in the top menu of CA4, which

a) Automatically enters a basic blink across 3 frames (closes eye, keeps eye closed for 1 frame, then re-opens eye in the 3rd frame)... for BOTH eyes.

b) After using the "Blink" icon, opening the Timeline and clicking on the "Face" tab should Automatically open BOTH eye timelines in the "Facial Clip" lines, to permit any fine tuning.

Please also refer to further details on the attached sample screenshot.
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted byTarampa Studios
Tarampa Studios
Clarification: We need a "Blink" button which effects only the eye sprites without over-writing any head or emotion sprites... 

So whatever eye morphs and eye sprite choices which existed before the blink, also need to return automatically after the blink... 

the same as it works in iClone would be very helpful, please.
Tarampa Studios
Yes, David's suggestion would be okay too for those of us who are used to the more advanced features of facial editing. 

My suggestion of having it up in the main menu was to help introduce newbies to the more advanced features sooner, and easier. 

But either way, a simple, single button to click (which inserts the keyframes for a default blink) would be extremely helpful, even if we need to slow down or speed up some of the blinks manually.
I'd rather have a blink button in the face key editor (makes more sense to me as then you're already likely to have the timeline open) - a button that you just click and it adds all the key frames for a blink to the current point in the timeline for the currently selected character. Maybe a slider, or you enter a number of frames, to adjust the speed of the blink wouldn't hurt either.