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Issue 3921
Back to the previous version (software + plug'in)
We need reliability first and foremost.
It is not possible for a studio to put a production in standby because an update of one of its software is bugged.

When the 7.21 update makes the Curve Editor plug-in unusable for more than a month, it can be a disaster for a company to finalize a project that needs to be delivered.

There are not a thousand solutions for that. There are two :
1: the establishment of alpha and beta tests irreproachable
2: the possibility to return to the previous version of software and plug'in from the Reallusion Hub

I do not think we can have 100% reliable evolutions. The software is very complicated and the interactions so numerous that there can always be a big bug that goes unnoticed before a publication.
In addition it would multiply the cost for Reallusion, and the updates and the new versions would take more time to leave.

On the other hand, the possibility to include in the Hub the return to the previously installed version is a relatively simple thing. If there is a problem storing the information, it can be left on the hard disk of the user (this can be a choice to be validated by the user).

This obviously implies that the files must be backward compatible between the last two versions of the software.

Whatever the case may be, this reliability is unavoidable. Reallusion tools are powerful, they can not, they do not have the right to have problems like that. Otherwise, they will never be indispensable tools of the world professional animation.

Reallusion please, give users the ability to easily reinstall a previous version, it will make life easier for everyone!
OS: Windows 10
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