Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 9269
Audio HZ
I am using CA4 to crate a feature film. 21 characters with thousands of audio tracks and I've never done this before. All of the audio has been pre recorded and when I was practicing and went to upload my audio files I was almost brought to tears when I got a notification that 96000hz was not supported and to please convert to 8000hz to 48000hz.
Did I make a rookie mistake thinking 96000hz was like editing a RAW file compared to a JPEG.
Before upgrading to CA5, I have asked your team if it was supported and was advised it is not supported in there either.
I would have never expected this to be a thing or issue. When I checked what the audio files needed to be to use CA all I saw from memory was MP3 and WAV.
No way can I reformat these files, there are thousands of individual audio tracks in dozens of files. Being software made for novices I expected things like this might be covered. I don't know how it works or if its a licensing issue to get CA to accept 96000hz but it was 100% never considered that it could be an issue.
OS: Windows 11
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